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The office of Dr. Trunnell is the most experienced Invisalign® provider in the Cedar Valley and is a recognized Preferred Invisalign® Provider.


Voted the Best Dentist in the Cedar Valley

We are proud to have been named the best Dentist in the Cedar Valley for 2016! Thanks to all of our patients, family and friends that voted!



Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances

Cedar Valley Dental Associates provides an alternative to a CPAP for patients diagnosed with mild to moderate Sleep Apnea and an aid to those with severe Apnea that use a CPAP already!

What People Are Saying!

Excellent Service and Care with Dr. B!

I had been having some pain and called to get an appointment in with Cedar Valley Dental Associates. I was able to get in right away with Dr. B. From beginning to end, my experience was wonderful. When I entered the exam room, I was a bit nervous and then I was offered a seat warmer and massage right away. It helped relax me. After my X-rays were taken, Dr. B came in shortly after and walked me through my Xrays and what she was doing. She was so kind and really worked to put me at the center of my health care experience. Sometimes health care professionals can seem rushed, but that was not the case with Dr. B. She took her time explaining everything while being respectful of my time. When I returned to the office, I made sure to let others know about my great experience. Excellent team!

Lyle S.


I talked with Dr Trunnell three times on Sunday about my tooth pain. He’s always said I can call anytime, day, night, weekend but I’ve never needed to before. He was helpful and kind. I described my experience to one of my daughters later as “soothing”. She said she’d never heard the words “dentist” and “soothing” in the same sentence before! 🙂 I felt well cared for. Thank you, Dr Trunnell!

Heather E.

Compassionate, caring and friendly.

I called the office because of a broken (and painful) tooth. I was given an appointment the next morning which I greatly appreciated. At the appointment they took care of me promptly and caringly. The pain was relieved and an appointment was made for follow-up treatment. Stacy and Dr. McConaughy were very professional and at the same time upbeat and friendly. Lastly Dr. McConaughy called me the evening after the appointment to see how I was doing.

Debra W.

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